C’est la vie

“The quieter you become, the more you can hear”

First week of school went pretty smoothly beside the fact that it’s slippery everywhere and has been pretty cold  ❄

Today is one of those days that is not too windy, so I decided to put on the 2 dollars stockings I bought from Taiwan & my new plaid skort from Stylenanda. Plaid is probably my favorite trend of this year. There are so many different patterns and ways to style it. I decided to try on this classy England look by adding a statement necklace and this Georgie Blowler Hat  💜.

While it’s still pretty chilly out, my little niece Kokoro is here and was in need to leave the house, so we decided to go on a walk  🐩. The snow starts to melt a little as the winter storm calms down… I am loving this quiet and surreal scenery.

On the side note, I just made a Chictopia Account. If you are a Chictopia user, please follow my account lifesjules & also my Instagram @lifesjules  ✌

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