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Don’t judge…I am only wearing a bra



This got me started my summer project….HARD SUMMER FESTIVAL  🎠 🎡

I went on instagram and found this really cool festival style store @electriclaundry , looked through their designs and started to make my own.

In 3 days period, I made total of 4 bras/one tutu/one floral hairhand…(although I was going to ezoo for only 2 days, I had too much fun making them)  😽

IMG_8541 IMG_8557 IMG_8592 IMG_8607


I wore the floral one at EZOO on Friday, but wasn’t able to wear the bear one on Sunday (it was cancelled .. 😭 )

As music festivals become more and more popular, festival fashion/style turns into a new trend. (ASOS/Top Shop both came up with festival style line)

From writing down all the materials I need and actually buying the rhinestones/flowers/bras, to making the designs, changing them around, and FINALLY completing the outfit. I enjoy every step of it.

yes, I probably will only wear each of them once, but it is also the only time when you can walk around with a bra and no one will judge you.  🐨

I want to dress up and try difference styles  as much as I can while I am still young!

Just like attending these music festivals, dance and have fun while you still have the energy to.




(#YOLO with my brother, Chris, at EZOO Friday 💗 👙 )

Can never get enough of W&W…