Valentine’s Day Outfits Idea (Daytime)

“Do small things, with great love”

Whether you are going to a picnic or movie with your loved one or just having a brunch date with your girlfriends on Valentine’s day, it’s always fun and make yourself feel extra special to dress romantic and colorful (as a single lady myself  🙊). I’ve came up with two Valentine’s Day daytime outfits I personally will wear on this special day ✔

Floral prints never die, and I’ve been a fan of it since possibly elementary school. Wearing anything floral just makes me feel extra girly and happy. Since every girl, single or not, deserves to be treated as a little princess on Valentine’s Day, I chose floral print for both of my vday daytime outfits. Sometimes, I just feel like dancing and smiling… when putting flowers and colors all over myself  😜

👑 Outfit 1

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👑 Outfit 2

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I’m not sure what I will be doing on Valentine’s day yet since I am a single lady hehe, but I hope these two outfits inspire some of you when putting your outfits together for this special day. I love Valentine’s Day even though I don’t think I have ever formally celebrated with anyone yet… 😱 Why? Because it is the day when I can express my love to everyone I care… I love writing cards and sending little packages of gift for my friends and families on Vday.  🌹 💟

Outfit 1 Info

  • Bustier – Romwe (Product Link)
  • Skirt – American Apparel (Product Link)
  • Shades – Nasty Gal (Sold Out)
  • Heels – Spendid (Sold Out)
  • Bag – MiuMiu
  • Necklace – Forever21(Sold Out)

Outfit 2 Info

  • Top – Nasty Gal (Product Link)
  • Skirt – Bought in Hong Kong
  • Necklace – Bought in Taiwan
  • Heels – Shoemint (Sold Out)
  • Bag – Forever21 (Sold Out)

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