Random Thoughts

Hey baby, don’t you say WTF to my outfit.

Here are some trendy fashion items I wore, and got some “WTF are you wearing?” comments from my guy friends.

(1) Creepers ( = Platform shoes)

I love creepers, especially with a cute/girly dress! On the contrary, my guy friends think it’s the most ridiculous shoes EVER….for “short people”…


Comment received “Is that really shoes?”, “How do you walk in those?”

(2) Flare Skirt/A-Line Skirt

Don’t you feel like a little princess in a an A-Line Skirt skirt?….well, some of my guy friends think it’s a pretty unattractive fashion item, making girls look less sexier (no butt 🙊 ). The A-line diminishes the curve I guess…



(3) High-waisted Shorts

I bet a lot of guys want this High-waisted shorts/pants trend to be GONE ASAP. They miss the time when girls wear low waist jeans showing their butt crack/ thongs.



Comments received “Every time I see you, your pants sit a little higher up. Before I know it, it is gonna be on your nipples”

(4) Overalls

I feel young again!!! When I found out that overalls is back in style, I was so Happy! My guy friends, on the other hand, thought I went a little overboard with my outfit once my pictures from Joshua Trees’ trip were posted….

IMG_7784 image

Comments received  “Dat Overall!”, “your outfit be ridiculous(ly cool)”


hrmm….I wonder what my so-call boyfriend will say about this outfit….