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My Princess Diary Disaster

Have you ever taken glamour shots when you were little? Well..I have.  😓


☝ I was probably 5? ….

Glamour shots are especially popular in Asia

Whenever my friends visited their families in Asia, I expected seeing their glamour shot pictures posted on Facebook by the end of the summer.   🎀

My family owns a wedding store in Taiwan, so I was able to get my glamour shots taken for free in the summer of 2011.

I’ve always had this biased belief that glamour pictures are a joke….something our parents made us do when we were little, something we can laugh at when we grow up…  😜


One of Taiwan’s best-known cultures is that people are very into wedding photography, and it has became a pretty competitive industry.

Here are some of the pictures I took for my aunt’s wedding store in the summer of 2011. 2 casual outfits I chose myself and 2 traditional wedding gown..






Yes, I admit that the ones with wedding gowns are pretty “asian looking” but that’s the culture, what general people prefer in Taiwan.

Asian Wedding Photography is, indeed,  a form of art and an interesting culture  👰 💖


Traditional Wedding pictures?


More contemporary styles of wedding pictures from Cadier Wedding – Taiwan



Totally getting my wedding pictures taken in Taiwan in the future!!! (the contemporary ones preferably 😒 )  🐨

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