Lazy Weekend

“The quieter you become, the more you can hear”



Do you guys ever have one of those days when you get so frustrated on deciding what to wear that you just just want to give up and be a scrub? I DO, and when I do, I go with lose comfy dresses + some fun accessories. This look is my kind of lazy weekend outfit, something I will wear to a shopping date with my girlfriends.I decided to wrap my flannel around the waist to add some colors to this dark tone outfit. Lastly…never go wrong with with a chocker necklace and killer platform when it comes to styling something simple!

Hope everyone had an amazing weekend! Be happy & Smile for a new exciting week.

Julia-Cheng-LifesJules-Fashion-Blogger-Los-Angeles-Photography-by-Ryan-Chua-6860 Julia-Cheng-LifesJules-Fashion-Blogger-Los-Angeles-Photography-by-Ryan-Chua-6876 Julia-Cheng-LifesJules-Fashion-Blogger-Los-Angeles-Photography-by-Ryan-Chua-6877 Julia-Cheng-LifesJules-Fashion-Blogger-Los-Angeles-Photography-by-Ryan-Chua-6881 Julia-Cheng-LifesJules-Fashion-Blogger-Los-Angeles-Photography-by-Ryan-Chua-6936 Julia-Cheng-LifesJules-Fashion-Blogger-Los-Angeles-Photography-by-Ryan-Chua-7028


Thanks to the amazing Ryan Chua for all these pictures ♥

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