Valentine’s Day with RocksBox

I discovered RocksBox about a month ago. It is a jewelry subscription site which offers its members endless access to designer jewelry on loan, so you can try new looks and enhance your style. When I received my first Rocksbox in early January, I was really excited to try on all the pieces they carefully chose for me based on the style test I took when signing up. I will be featuring two of my favorites from my first Rocksbox in my next blog post, so be on a lookout for that!

Since Valentine’s day is just around the corner, I partnered up with Rocksbox to create a lovely set, The Femme Fetale, that is perfect for a dinner date!

jules-edit (1) LH-B17-1 PER-N17-1-edit


If you haven’t found that perfect set of sparkle for Valentine’s Day, @rocksbox created box of jewelry inspired by yours truly that you can buy on demand! Check out all the #RBmine sets here:

I will be posting another blog post styling these classy statement pieces in the next few days. Can’t wait to show you guys how I incorporate my favorite Rocksbox pieces into my Valentine’s day look! ❤