Be Yourself

“Only dead fish go with the flow”

I am sure every girl has few of her go-to outfits & this is one of mine but without the trench coat ? When I can’t decide on what to wear, I tend to go all neutral or dark putting on a simple tee with some statement accessories. Today, my statement piece is this light woven Spring trench coat from IvyRevel. I love how long the coat is and all the little details on it that makes it unique! Instead of styling this coat with some business casual or classy city girl look, I decided to try it with my everyday kind of outfit ☺️

I hope you all like the way I styled this piece! I can’t wait use it to play with different looks in the Spring ?

_MSL2290   _MSL2300 _MSL2301   _MSL2303 _MSL2308


Outfit Info:

  • Trench Coat: Ivy Revel (Link)
  • Shorts: ZARA (Sold Out)
  • T-shirt: Forever 21 (Sold Out)
  • Sneakers: SUPERGA (Link)
  • Backpack: Michael Kors (Link)

? Photography by Michelle Lock (Website ? Instagram ? Facebook) ?