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Puerto Rico 2017

“Life begins at the end of your comfort zone”

Last week, I made a last minute decision to book a trip to Puerto Rico with @emwng  and we had the best time EVER! During our 6-day stay, we were able to explore different parts of the island and also had some time to relax. Overall, I think Puerto Rico is perfect for people who want to enjoy the nature and engage in some outdoor activities without spending too much $$! Not to mention, since it is a U.S territory, we didn’t have to worry about getting a SIM card or changing currency.

Here are some of the highlights from my trip:

Rocaliza Adventure Tours

On our second day, we decided to do the half-day Rocaliza tour which includes hiking through waterfalls and doing 5 zip lines through the rainforests. I am pretty afraid of heights and have never done rock climbing before so this tour was a little bit intimidating for me at first; however, our tour guides, Jacobs and Mike, were really professional and made sure that we know how to prevent ourselves from getting hurt and enjoy our time by cracking jokes throughout the tour. After the tour, they provided us with delicious chicken + rice for lunch. Overall, the tour was SO WORTH IT. I would definitely do a whole day one if I can do it again!

Tropical Trail Rides

On our third day, we drove to the north-western region of the island to check out the beaches and do a horseback riding excursion. The beach we visited was Crashboat Beach, which has amazingly calm and blue water! After spending few hours chilling/napping at the beach, we went straight to our horseback riding tour at Isabela.

The last time I did horseback riding was when I was 10 in New Zealand. I remember I had fun but I wasn’t sure about now. Once I sit on my horse, I started to panic. I looked at my friend and wanted to tell her that I am going to just chill on the side when she does the tour but I decided to suck it up and just go for it. I am so glad that I did! The view was breathtaking. Even though my horse, Mango, scared me sometimes with her little jogs, I was able to slowly feel at ease and enjoy the surroundings.

Old San Juan

Don’t tell me you visited Puerto Rico if you didn’t go to the most touristy spot, Old San Juan. It is where all the cruise ships stop, where people shop (I saw a Pandora there full of customers!… I don’t know why people would go all the way to Puerto Rico and buy Pandora Jewelry lol), and where you take cute Instagram pictures with colorful buildings.

Emily and I spent a day just exploring Old San Juan aka taking cute pictures then had a nice dinner at Marmalade. Some of my favorite dishes from the restaurant are the white bean soup (I hate beans but I like this!), the popcorn shrimp, and ceviche. Overall, the food was good but I got tired of the taste after few bites. I think everything was a bit too sweet for us. THUMB UP X3 to the service tho! I didn’t like my cocktail and the server gave me a new one for free + free white bean soup for Emily!

Culebra Aquafari

We decided to spend our last full day at Puerto Rico by going on Culebra Island and joining Kayaking Puerto Rico’s snorkeling with turtles + kayaking tour. We took the Culebra Ferry to the island and got picked up by our tour guide. From 11:30 am to 2:30 pm, we did a combination of snorkeling and kayaking. After that, they took us to Flamenco Beach for lunch + relax! Overall, the tour was well-planned. The only thing I didn’t like was probably those random wild chickens running around on the beach… jk lol

PS: Emily and I were pretty pro at kayaking compared to others on our tour 😉


Puerto Rico was never on the top of my bucket list, but I had a lot more fun than I expected! Why? Because I got to try so many new things. Things that seemed scary at first. From this trip, I’ve realized that whether you had a good time or not really doesn’t depend on where you go but the people you go with and your mindset at that time. Stay open-minded and be adventurous!