Live Life the Fullest While You Can

Live Life the Fullest While You Can…cause he did.

He is one of the reason why I wanted to start this blog, to do something I’ve always wanted to do, and to pursue something I am passionate of. I called him my brand strategist. His name is, CJ Saraceno, the most talented, creative, and positive person I’ve ever met. He changed my perspective on life completely in just 3-month period.







On September 29th, I received a phone call from CJ’s roommate. He was ejected from a party bus on CA 101 highway and was announced dead at 12:23am. He was changing music for his friends and  the bus made a big turn causing his body to lose balance, hit the door, and flew out of the door. After reading so many news releases about the accident, I couldn’t stand the fact that the reporters focused on the exciting assumption…”the man jumped from the bus himself”. The CJ I know, is the most optimistic person I’ve ever met. He brightens up people’s day with his little sarcastic sense of humors, he expresses his emotion and his care for you by doing really sweet things behind your back (like buying frozen yogurt after you work out), and he is always so passionate about the issues he is interested in that he sometimes get into a long debate with his best friends. He likes to party, likes to have fun, but also is a really intelligent and loving person who views the world in a different way, who brings new ideas to his working team, and who plays a major role in a group setting by offering his unique and strong personalities.

As devastated as I can be, I am more worried about his family and all his close friends who saw the accident happened. He told me so many stories about his happy and united big family from Connecticut. He also showed me so many pictures of their family reunion picnics, the house over the big lake, the delicious italian food, and the cute mom-daughter-son emoji GroupText. Even though I only spent a short 3-month of my summer with CJ, his energetic, ambitious, and intelligent personality has changed me entirely. Before meeting him, I never wanted to take risks, had no confidence whatsoever in myself, and tend to follow the safety path. In the 3-month period, he gave me the happiness I haven’t experienced for a while after the death of my mom when I was 14. CJ would constantly tell me what he likes about me and how he knows I will be successful one day in my life. He invited me into his life, to meet so many amazing people, and to explore so many fun places in California.  Those memories and experiences are the most precious things I will never forget in my life.

I know that no one will be able to forget this tragic incident because CJ is such an influential individual and he died in such a young age, but time will prove everything. At the end, I know that I will only remember all the happy memories I had with him and what he’d taught me. I miss him a lot a lot already but I know that everyone who loves him is feeling the same or greater level of pain. It’s important that we can carry his positive spirit forever and ever.

At this point, I can only keep telling myself…..CJ would not want me to be so sad everyday about him and try to distract myself from thinking about the pain he experienced from the accident. I want to write this post to remember him and how happy he made me. I wish I have known him earlier in life and had the chance to spend more time with him.Even though sometimes, I get so upset and sad that I questioned myself if that 3 month period is worth the pain I’m experiencing right now. At the end of the day, I am glad to be in part of his life, especially the very end of  it.

This is probably his favorite song– Losing my religion: (He does, like TrapMuzik a lot too  😝)

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