Random Thoughts

My “Made in China” Babies

A lot of my friends are amused by how many weird Asian products I have….Here they are

1) Bang holders

Amazon Product Descriptions: This lightweight accessory has Velcro-like hooks that keep hair gently in place without grasping it firmly the way traditional hair accessories do. You will be amazed by how weightless this thin pad is – you can barely feel it on your head! Not only does it hold up your fringe without crimping or messing it up, it also allows you to keep your parting. This sheet can be used to keep hair out of your face whenever you are washing your face, applying make-up or skincare. It is compact, lightweight and easy to carry around, thus makes this the perfect travel companion.



They are my best friends when I try to put on/remove my makeup.  ♥


2) Pimple Stickers

eBay descriptions: Hydrocolloid dressing absorbs secretion and promotes healing of acne. The dressing protects acne from dirt and other containment. (Waterproof and breathable)



No matter your pimple is popped or still being stubborn inside….this thing gets rid of it and leaves you nothing behind  🌟

3) Heatless Hair Culer


Screen Shot 2013-10-21 at 2.29.35 AM


No explanation needed. You rolled you hair up and slept with it…then it’s curly next day.  💃

4) & 5) Heated Eyelashes Curler & Tube Foot Scraper





The heated eyelashes curler I bought in Taiwan for about 20 dollars… doesn’t work as well as my all-time-fav Shu Uemura eyelash curler 🙊

As for the “SCRATCH”, I can’t find the product description anywhere…. Basically, you take the black little stick from the medal tube, scratch your feet with the tube, then push out all the “eww” using the stick. Sounds pretty weird, but that’s how it works.  🐒



Here are my Asian babies collection. They are weird but magical. I don’t think I can live without them 🚼