A Tiger with Red Lips

“I am a tiger with red lips I like to smoke…ecigs 🐯”

Muscle Tee + high-waisted Shorts is my summer all-time favorite!
It creates a boyish but a little hint of sexiness with the side cutout.

With accessories, I decided to go with circle shades, a statement necklace, and my Hotmes beanie. 👿

Since muscle tee is usually pretty high-neck and tends to make you look a little buff/masculine, adding a statement necklace or choker will help to soften the defined neckline.

I LOVE LOVE LOVE wearing beanie with red lipsticks. Although I don’t really put on red lipsticks to school (kinda too flashy 👯 ), it’s fun to play around with it for styling new looks.

PS: my friend took the last picture when I wasn’t paying attention…Don’t judge. Just a weird tiger.





Outfit Info:


  • Beanie – UNIF from
  • Necklace –
  • Tank – Bought in Korea
  • Shorts – (bought long time ago)
  • Bootie – Shoemint
  • Shades – Bought in Taiwan
  • Clutch – Zara
  • Lipsticks – Maybelline Coral Crush