Just another classy wine night

“Be a girl with a mind. A woman with attitude. And a lady with class”

I love drinking wine….sometimes by myself in my cozy room + Netflix. 🌛 🍷

Today, I’m going out to a wine night with some girl friends….So gotta be classy for cute pictures!! 😻

I decided to tie my hair into a bun with those Sponge Hair Styling Bun Maker. (They give you a perfect bun. Trust me.)

For outfit, I went with my brown leather pencil skirt + my chiffon strap top.

For shoes, I decided to put on my first and only Tod’s loafers instead of heels (Mary Jane Strappy Heels would be perfect for this too!)

Of course you need a statement necklace… I love this necklace because it goes with ANYTHING – even a casual graphic tee.


It is…always, an enjoyment for me to dress up for classy gathering with girls. Just chit chatting about life/styles, eating delicious food with some laid-back music, and taking pictures together make me throw all my worries from the week behind….

Next time, no matter how close you are with those friends, when going out to a semi-fancy dinner with them, put a little effort on your outfit will make the night a lot more special/different. And they will feel it too just from the atmosphere/vibe you create ✨








Outfit Info:


  • Chiffon Top – American Apparel
  • Leather Pencil Skirt – Wasteland store in Downtown LA
  • Necklace – JCrew outlet store
  • Shoes – Tod’s
  • Bag – Miu Miu
  • Shades – Chloe