Blue over Blue

“Sometimes you have to lose someone completely before you can figure out what they really mean to you”.

This weekend is gloomy and rainy in Ann Arbor.

Even with the heat of college football game, the weather brings people down a little.

I have been feeling blue for the entire week…

Putting on my blue denim shirt and roll-up shorts, I feel as if I am a little cowgirl ready to move on to the next journey.

This impulsive urge to just pack up and leave everything behind.

Last week, I lost a really special friend.

I really wish….I can just run away from all these and travel around the world by myself right now. 😢

Something I found inspiring tho, is this: DVF [through Google Glass] – Diane Von Furstenberg. 🌠

Every girl, indeed, should believe in herself that she can be whoever she want to be.

That’s something I’m still trying really hard to work on right now…
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