Banana Collar

“Smile like a monkey with a new banana” 🐵

Fruit print on clothes becomes pretty popular since last year.
I love the bold and colorful print because it makes you stand out 👑

Revive + Replenish is an organic restaurant/market aside from the busiest street of Ann Arbor. 🌾
Beside the healthy food and laid-back atmosphere, everyone who works there is always full of energy and has a big smile on his/her face.

I always love to come here for a quick grocery run.
The good vibe, fresh ingredients, and friendly people make up everything if I’m having a bad day. 💛





Outfit Info


  • Banana Collar Shirt – Stylenanda (Sold Out)
  • Red Shorts – Urban Outfitters (Sold Out)
  • Bag – Forever 21 (Sold Out)
  • Loafers – TOD’s