Random Thoughts

Can you ever have enough nail polish?



Yes, a girl can never have enough nail polish…


(Here’s my nail polish collection in the US…some in Taiwan. My favorite brand = ESSIE  👑)


IMG_6859 IMG_8959

(What I usually do with my nails. Nothing fancy…Glitter/French tips)

In the summer of 2011, I decided to take nail art classes in a Nail Studio in Taiwan.

I spent most of my time imitating different nail designs from Japanese Nail magazines.

⤵ Some nail art designs I did…  ✌

IMG_9217 IMG_9216 IMG_9215 IMG_9213 IMG_9212

Although I love doing my nails every week, I do get my nails done sometimes, mostly in Taiwan.

Comparing what they did to my nails in Taiwan vs. USA  ⤵ I think I prefer the USA a little more.  😍

IMG_8226 IMG_8634

(First one, LA—> Wynn Spa. Second one, Taiwan)

Though whatever they did to my nails in Taiwan was…..fancy enough?

At the end of the day, I still prefer simple/everyday kind of nail designs.  ♥